Monday, March 21, 2011

3D Flowers

I recently became very addicted to 3D flowers. I know they are all the craze right now and I was working on something and couldn't find the right color flowers locally. So I searched all over youtube looking for an easy 3D flower to make and discovered these babies! Now I can't stop making them. I have been using all of my scrap paper to make these flowers and I LOVE them. They are so super easy and I love the way they look when they are finished.
There is only a few steps to making them. I have been using a Stampin' Up scalloped square punch and I think it is 1.5 inch. But you can use any scalloped punch or cut them out with the cricut and you can't make then bigger or smaller. You just need 8 of whatever shape you are using. First I inked them, some of these I did the same color and some I used two different inks on the same flower. Once they are inked you spray them with water and get them nice and damp. Then crinkle each of the 8 up in a little ball. I let mine sit for a minute, then unwrap them and flatten them back out. Stack them up and stick a brad through the center. Then "shape" the flower. You can also glimmer mist them before or after. I have been waiting until mine were all shaped and then glimmer mist them. As they dry they sort of harden and hold the shape! Super easy right? And they are so cute when they are done!

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