Thursday, April 28, 2011

Note cards, Cigar Box & Painters Tray

We are all moved and settled in and so I decided to do another of the SS swaps on the MB. This was round 7 and I missed the two previous I think but was in the three prior to the two I missed. I could be off with the round but I have done three total I think and loved each one. Ok...the note cards, this round was very interesting because the weeks were song or movie titles and you had to make/buy something for the title pre-selected by the hostess. It was fun but it also hard! lol For You've Got Mail I did these this note card set. For Overboard I did a vintage altered cigar box and for Mission Impossible I did the painters tray. There was a total of 6 weeks but some of the other things I have already posted in other posts and don't want to repeat them.


  1. Wow!!! These are Great!!! Very pretty!

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