Monday, May 30, 2011

Graphic 45 Vintage Box

I have to warn you I took lots of pictures of this box and the things I made to go in it. I had a great time working on this and simply love creating things using Graphic 45 paper. I am working on something else form a different line now and will have pictures of that soon. Ok so here is the box and the hand-made items I put inside it.
I got the box at the local craft store and it was designed to look like a vintage book. I thought it was really pretty so I decided to not cover the spine. These pictures didn't come out all that great but you can get the idea of how it looks like a book.

When you close the box it has magnets that catch. So I used a Tim Holtz knob to use to open and close it.

Here is the tag I made to hold stick pins and again this pictures isn't great but I took these and then shipped this off, so I didn't have time to check the pictures before I mailed it.
Here is the chunky charm I also sent.
This was the first easel card I have ever made and now I am hooked. I have made two more since. I have received this style of card several times and I always love them, so I thought I would take a shot at making one.
This is another of those little tins I have been altering and posting. This one was fairly simply but I was really happy with the finished product.

Thanks for looking. I had a great time working on these items!

Monday, May 23, 2011

SS7 RAK - Peachy

It wasn't long after I went to get the mail (and had the great package in the post below from Diane) today that the mailman came back to my front door. I am not sure what the deal was but he had a package he didn't leave the first time around. I guess maybe because it wouldn't fit in the box? Maybe because it is Monday? Maybe he just wanted to mess with me today? No clue, I am not sure. Anyway...I am really happy he decided to come back today. It was an amazing package from Peachy!!! I am sure that Isadora thought I was going crazy or something, I screamed a little, cried a little and ended up laughing a little. Peachy and I have the same favorite colors so I wasn't surprised when I opened the box and saw, black and white! This is where the screaming came. :)

She sent me "You've got mail" This awesome card holder with some cards in my favorite colors inside. I love the holder and the cards!!
Here are the cards. You can click on all these pictures to get a better look!

She also sent me "My Wish" metal embellishments in these adorable gift bags that she made. I think these are so cute and stuffed full of metal. I love it all!

Here is all the metal, look she even sent me paw prints and milk bones. Awesome!

This she sent me for "Overboard" and this is where the crying came in! lol I just want to say these pictures do not do this album justice. It is really, really beautiful, even more so in person. I love this and I am pretty sure I know what pictures I am going to put in here.

I love this paper....

For Ebony and Ivory she made this altered P hanger, This is so awesome, and the colors match my craft room perfectly. I love the TH paper, and vintage sheet music paper, inside and on the back. The stickpin and flower are beautiful.
This pictures doesn't show it well but this is another gift bag that she made and filled with rosettes in three sizes. Again, the pictures aren't great but the goodies are!
This she sent me off my wish list for "Mission Impossible" I can't wait to try some of this stuff out! So excited!
There was also a really nice note from Peachy and a bag of grudge board goodies! Also, I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the cute tags she for everything.
Peachy thank you so much for the time, effort and thought you put into making these things for me. I love them all and will cherish every item.

SS7 RAK - Diane

I was so suprised today when I went to the mail box and there was a package from Diane, she sent me "glitter" and I love it all! Thank you so much Diane. I love the glittery flowers, the iron on gems will work great with my IRock and the paper clip are great because they get stolen with all that glitter on them. lol Thank you Diane!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

DEP Board

This is VERY different than the normal sort of things I post on my blog but hey I made it! lol Several weeks ago my husband came home with this blank board and asked if I could do something with it for their recruiting office. He had a basic idea of what they wanted and told me he was sure it would look great and they would love what I did with it.

The idea was to be able to display pictures of people in the office and people in the DEP, Delayed Entry Program, it is my understanding that these are people who have joined the Navy and haven't shipped to Boot Camp yet or people who are about to join. Either way an important factor for the board is that other than the top 4 in the COC the photos could change often. So I decided to make photo mats with a magnet inside. That would make it easy to change the photos whenever they need. I used base camp for the font and Stand and Salute for the die cuts.

Everyone in their office loved it and there was talk of wanting more of them for other offices! I will say it was VERY hard to not use any glitter! But it was fun to working on something totally different than my normal things.