Thursday, May 05, 2011

DEP Board

This is VERY different than the normal sort of things I post on my blog but hey I made it! lol Several weeks ago my husband came home with this blank board and asked if I could do something with it for their recruiting office. He had a basic idea of what they wanted and told me he was sure it would look great and they would love what I did with it.

The idea was to be able to display pictures of people in the office and people in the DEP, Delayed Entry Program, it is my understanding that these are people who have joined the Navy and haven't shipped to Boot Camp yet or people who are about to join. Either way an important factor for the board is that other than the top 4 in the COC the photos could change often. So I decided to make photo mats with a magnet inside. That would make it easy to change the photos whenever they need. I used base camp for the font and Stand and Salute for the die cuts.

Everyone in their office loved it and there was talk of wanting more of them for other offices! I will say it was VERY hard to not use any glitter! But it was fun to working on something totally different than my normal things.

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