Thursday, September 13, 2012

Salt Clay - Attempt #1

 I have many, many Halloween projects planned for this year and I have already gotten started. Well this is more Fall than Halloween but posts to follow will be Halloween.  I am so ready for Fall to be here after this very long hot summer.  Which we loved by the way! We spent most of it by the pool and my little fish wouldn't have it any other way.

Isadora is also starting to share my love of crafts and really wanted to make a gift for Dan for his birthday.  So I searched the internet to find a project that is age appropriate for a three year old.  I printed out a couple option and she decided on salt clay.   I hadn't done this since at least kindergarden but I do remember how much I loved this as a child.  I thought while we were at it, we could get out the Fall and Halloween cookie cutters and make some cute themed shapes to paint later.  Here is the end project of what she made for Dan. It is for his desk at work and she did have a little help from me painting it but she did most of the work herself and had a great time doing it.

We decided to use the baked method (there is also a no bake recipe for salt clay) because I read the items become a little harder but this thing had to bake FOREVER! I think it was just because it is so thick!  She added three little stones inside the heart because she is three years old.  That was all her idea and I loved it!  Needless to say he also loved it.  Next we rolled out the clay and used our cookie cutters to make the shapes below.  We still have to paint them and I will post again once we do.  These aren't perfect and I am not sure if it had to do with the recipe or maybe we didn't roll them thin enough. It might even be that the clay sat for a while before we used it.  Either way she was thrilled with them and so I was also!

These are going to be adorable once we paint them all. We have just been so busy we haven't gotten around to it yet.   But I think it will fun to do around Halloween.

Overall this was a fun, very inexpensive craft that we could do together, I would recommend this for anyone with little ones.  I look forward to making some home-made Christmas ornaments with the salt clay.  For now though, I need to focus on Halloween!

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