Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Skeletons and Bookmarks!

I think most kids love Halloween as much as mine, she is about to turn 4 and is more into it this year than ever. She even decided on her own costume this year! Wait for it....HULK yes Hulk.  After some scrambling and some help from the other side of the country, HULK is in the house!
Anyway, we have done some fun projects this year! Salt clay was one we tried for the first time. We used Fall and Halloween cookie cutters, baked and painted them.  She has seen me work on some things for other people and of course wanted to get in on the fun.  One thing we made together were these cute skeletons! Someone sent me these in a swap last year and I was so excited to try making them this year!  Super easy, we just cut a bunch of them with the cricut and then basically remove the center part and added the donuts! Cute right?

Here is what they look like before you cut them in half!
Here is the finished product! You can just tape or staple the donut package to the top and bottom of the cut. Fold at the joints and these little guys even sit up!
I have one more Halloween things to share and I actually made these for a swap because they were requested but my daughter love them and so we made a couple for her too! Halloween bookmarks, sure to be a hit with the kids. She loves anything she gets to help make.
Sadly, this is going to conclude my Halloween creations for this year, I really need to get into gear for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not to mention my baby is turning 4 in a couple weeks!

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